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Hair Today, Blonde Tomorrow

 Well it's been almost two months (5/6/14) since I changed my hair and although at first it was pretty bizarre, I have to say I love it!!!  I'm not a hair maintenance type of person at all. I mean, I can tangle one of those big round boar hair brushes up in my hair no problem. Anything beyond that and I'm done.

 Anyway it's been really fun experimenting with it and goofing around with the color. I really wish I could have colored hair at work. But for now I'm restrained to shades of blonde specifically T14 and T18. <-- Toner joke LOL #__# 

(Also is really hard to put text in here so I tossed in some random pics at the end. )

Here's some images to help this rant:

 god damn blogger i hate you! 
its impossible 


Hair moussings

(Oh man I wrote all of this it and then the shitty blogger mobile crap didn't even work. What a piece of crap!)

ANYWAYS as I was saying I have a hair appointment coming up for my birthday and I'm on the fence about what to do. Like I totally can't decide if I should cut it.  I never do that much stuff with it and I don't braid it as much as I should. Fuck I barely even brush it. I can't have colored hair at work but I do have almost two weeks off so I think I will enjoy something temporary. Obvz have to bleach it to have nice color and I don't know if I should rock the blond or what. This was slightly more coherent before blogger erased it. Here's some pics.

Maybe it'll look good maybe it'll look bad maybe on my hair will fall out who knows. Everyone can see for themselves at my bday party ;-)

Love ya,


Inspiration Dump

So I know it's like a huge faux pas to post photos without permission and without credit. But they are just sitting here on my phone sd card doing nothing. I would rather share then here to my non existent readership than on like pinterest or Instagram. So... If you are an artist or photographer and recognize the art as your own, please get in touch and I will take it down or credit you. If any if this is your work, I find it to be very inspiring. None of these images are mine. From what I recall a good deal of then come from StyleBubble, Anya Verdugo from CleverNettle and Rookie. And of course that repost hell hole Tumblr. The really cute kitten in the basket is from the IBKC. K bye.

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